Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Snow forecast

I noticed the doors first. The automatic doors at the grocery store don't open until you wait in front of them for a second. I'm used to walking briskly out the door so I almost walked into the door at first. I realize now they are timed differently to save heat in the winter. Then I noticed the plants. Astilbe blooming in late August, as were Shasta daisies and Solomon Seal. Last week the road crews were placing snow sticks- (that's what I call them, not sure what the official term is) at the side of the road. They need to go into the ground before it freezes. Conceptually I've known that I've moved farther north, but I am seeing all the signs in front of me now. The natives love to tell me how cold it was last winter (-40 degrees Celsius briefly, stayed below -30 for at least a few weeks). I have a hard time with that concept. I don't think it is compatible with life... I hope this winter is milder (lets only go -20 !!).
By the way, snow is forecast for Friday- Brrr!


  1. Make sure you can decipher which cans are soup amongst the cans of tomatoes and beans. You're gonna need it.

  2. I'd love to live through a Norwegian winter!