Monday, September 6, 2010

Map of Norway and Sweden

I thought a map would be helpful for those who wonder why we have traveled twice to Sweden. Geographically we are closer to much of Sweden than many parts of Norway (Similar to Bellingham, where we traveled to Canada frequently). However we do have plans to see more of Norway. This weekend we will travel to Jotunheimen National Park, Norway- not far from Otta on the map. Jotunheimen translates roughly to home of the giants and has Northern Europes two highest peaks: Galdhøppigen (2,649 meters) and Glittertind (2,469 mteters). We park near the entrance of the park and take a boat across Lake Gjende to a hiking lodge. In the States we would use tents, but as all of our hiking gear is on a (slow) boat to Norway we will rough it in a lovely DNT lodge and have our meals cooked for us!

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