Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cloudberry Jam

We have heard that the Norwegians prize cloudberries (multebær)above the multitude of different berries that grow wild here. The plant is very finicky and can't be cultivated commercially, making it the most expensive berry in the world by some estimates. They grow in bogs and need a long warm summer to set fruit. Needless to say that only happens occasionally in Norway, so a good crop of berries happens every 5 -7 years or so. They are most plentiful in Sweden and Finland, are listed as an endarged plant in Denmark, and can be found in parts of Canada (there are a few plants as far south as New Hampshire I'm told). I purchased 1 pound of berries (10$) at the Trondheim farmers market and made jam yesterday. Very tasty... I hear that one pound of berries in Canada runs 70$. I think I finally found something less expensive in Norway than back home.

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  1. The name is fantastic. Wonder where it comes from? The conditions that lead to a good crop?