Friday, November 5, 2010

Traveling light

Juliette and I have just checked 5 enormous pieces of luggage at the KLM desk. We started our journey on Thursday afternoon in Elverum,loading our very heavy luggage onto a bus. The bus took us to Gardemoen airport, where we piled our belongings onto two luggage trolley’s , perching Kiwi on top, and negotiated our way to the hotel pick up. We needed to spend the night near the airport because our flight in the morning left so early (had to be at the airport by 4:45 AM). The next morning we loaded all our (by this time I thought of it as crap)luggage onto the airport shuttle and went back to the airport. There we negotiated several lines , juggling Kiwi and the enormous bags and angry passengers (caffeine deprived perhaps). One bright spot was the desk charged me only for one piece of extra luggage and not the three that I expected. (On transatlantic flights you used to be allocated 2 checked bags of 33 kg, but now the economy flights only allow 1 checked bag of 23 Kg). Of course I brought so much to Norway as I expected to be skiing here, and ski and winter gear is very bulky.

By the time Juliette and I had successfully negotiated through security I was completely sweaty and all traces of my shower and deodorant were long gone. The security worker asked me to raise my arms for the body scanner, and I almost asked him if he was sure he wanted to experience that! I suggest to weary travelers to bring a change of shirt - and burn the one you wear through all the luggage juggling, security hassles. I wish I had.

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