Saturday, November 13, 2010

Inebriated neighbors

While I'm cozying up our house in Bellingham Peter and Conlon have been dealing with the crazy neighbor. (We have always had one, but I think she takes the cake.) The rental house in Elverum was advertised as a single family home, but has a small apartment that shares a wall with the master bedroom (in the photo above it is on the right- innocuous looking). The owners assured us the renter was a quiet woman who was never at home. We had a different experience. The first night I spent in Norway she had an all night party with loud music and at least one "guest". The following day I asked her in my limited Norwegian if we could agree to quiet hours. She was incensed, yelling in norglish, still drunk... generally telling me to piss off. What has ensued has made that look tame. Peter is seeing people come and go every hour, many drunk/ intoxicated people in our yard and the noise goes on 24 / 7. The only good thing about this situation is we can get out of our lease, as she is neither "quiet" or "rarely home".
Generally this woman is the exception of our experience in Norway. People are honest, polite and conscientious overall. BUT she happens to live a mere inches from us (now Peter and Conlon), so her obnoxious behavior has colored our experience.
We have guessed at her occupation- varying from drug dealer to prostitute. Any other explanation doesn't seem to cover what Peter is now seeing.

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