Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Twenty Years

Peter and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary today. Twenty years goes by quick ...We have been lucky to live in so many nice places (Portland, OR, Seattle WA, Vancouver BC , Bellingham WA and now Elverum Norway. I remember 5 years ago discussing with Peter that we should go somewhere exotic for our twentieth. I was thinking tropical, evidently Peter was planning our nordic adventure.
Today I started an intensive Norwegian course, the crew consisting of 2 Russians, 2 Thai's, 1 Vietnamese, 1 British, and one woman from the Phillipines. Evidently there are a number of Russians emmigrating to Norway, not for an improvement in the weather, but for a more stable economic climate. Luckily for me (and the Brit) English is the default language. I do have one bone to pick with the Norwegians. WHAT IS WITH THOSE EXTRA VOWELS??? I really have a difficult time telling the difference between "a" and "æ". Oh well.

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