Friday, August 13, 2010

Arriving in Elverum

The kids, Kiwi, and I arrived in Norway yesterday. Severely jet lagged, we were grateful that Peter had our beds ready. Today we all went for a run in the extensive woods behind our house. Conlon made a few bike jumps- he can't wait to go mountain biking. In the winter there will be extensive x-country skiing there. The kids met their teachers at school, which starts on Monday. Much to our surprise, they will be mainstreamed with all the other kids instead of having Norwegian instruction first for 3 weeks. The benefit is they will meet and make friends right away, the obvious downside is they don't speak Norwegian! We have instituted a crash course over the weekend.
The weather is a real mixed bag. It was hot this morning, now it is raining like a monsoon. The kids and I wonder what we have gotten ourselves into. Juliette and I went shopping at a local second hand store. She has already decorated her room and is the most organized of all of us .

Brita Kiffney


  1. Looks nice, can you send us your address just in case we want to send snail mail.

  2. Our address:Kiffney family, Tusenfrydvegen 23, Elverum 2409 Norway

  3. Have fun Kiffneys (great pictures) -- scott fullagar