Saturday, July 3, 2010

Packing up

It has been a nearly a year (August 2009) since Peter convinced me that moving to Norway for a year would be a great adventure. Right now it is a great pain in the *ss, as we pack up our belongings for storage, sell our house, arrange the endless last minute details. But enough whining.
We will be in Elverum, Norway, approximately 90 k from Oslo, near the Swedish border, 61 degrees north. The kids and I arrive August 11th: the season will be fall despite what the calender says. Conlon and Juliette will start school August 16th. They are none too happy to start school much earlier than they would here in Bellingham. They will attend a elverumskolen ( a "middle" school for grades 7 - 10). with instruction Norwegian.


  1. You are SELLING your house? I thought you were renting it out?


  2. elverumskolen - I would have guessed that meant 'school for elves'